Marching Forward

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I got the curved staircase wall done (a very big sigh of relief here!!). I will be posting about the details in another post.  Trying to get to current spot of where I am on this project and will have to work backward to fill in the gaps.  Starting in the middle of the story does pose some problems but it is where I am on this project.

I papered the wall between the entry hall and the drawing room.  I have 2 wall scones on the wall in the drawing room.  My wall is 1/2 inch thick gator board which is light weight and doesn’t warp.  I carve out a little channel for the wiring to sit in the gator board so the wallpaper doesn’t show the a line where the wiring is. The wall has a smooth surface instead of a tunnel line like a mole trail. I didn’t get a picture at the time so here is an example of a wiring tunnel on a scrap piece of gator board.


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