Tranquility beckons

Every time I look at this area it invites me in.  It has become one of my favorite scenes. Everything flowed together as I decorated this little nook at the top of the stairs.  I wanted to use the peacock stained glass piece a friend had given me to hide the stairway entrance on the second floor. Naturally, it needed a light to bring out the colors behind it. Then the green tone went with the warm browns.  The space needed plants,  so I raided the stash of mini treasures that I have collected over time.  My beautiful tall orchid on the pedestal by Karl Blindheim finally had its spot.  Pottery by various people decorated the desk and bookcase.  Lovely teals and blues.  I won the rug in an auction at the Denver Dollhouse show.  The vase holds feathers from my own peacocks.

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