Miniature Magic

Miniatures are magic at times.  Wednesday started out as an overcast gray kind of day here. All damp and muffled outside.  I looked out the window and veered for the workroom instead.

Out of sorts with the weather -umm— so what should I work on????

I have 2 projects at the present that I have been bouncing between.  One is the Orchid Hill House and the other is a florist shop.  I am trying to get the florist shop down to exhibit it this fall and the deadline is approaching fast.

I have been doing fall flower arrangements of late (miniature of course).  The wonderful autumn foliage colors this year have kept me inspired.  I have had a ball doing them!  Some for the project, some as gifts for friends and even an overflow into my Etsy shop (the same name as this blog) ———–

So I wondered what if I changed the colors of a little cart that I have used as an Easter arrangement and had a turkey pulling it instead of a bunny?  I love the graphics from old postcards that had whimsical images of bunnies, turkeys, etc for the holidays.  That is actually how the original Easter egg cart evolved that I have had filled on the Etsy site and offered as a kit on my website . ………………


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I totally got absorbed in the transformation of that Easter cart into a turkey cart.  It was cheery and sunny in the workroom despite the gloomy weather outside……


So thinking about how much fun I had with this simple project and wanting to celebrate several things………………………………………

the start of this blog
my Etsy shop
the revamping of my website


I am giving away Turkey Cart kits (you have to fill them with flowers/ candies, etc) for the month of November!

Free with orders this month or if you send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to:

Lisa's Little Things
15998 94th Rd
Topeka, KS 66616

Enjoy some miniature magic!







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