Christmas Early or Late

I’ve been quiet lately.  I started looking at my collection of Christmas items in early December and decided I needed to create a setting to use them instead of storing them. It was a project that quickly got out of hand.

I had a started wall house that was assembled and painted on the outside but completely bare on the inside.  It had been sitting idle for sometime with the original plans abandoned.

I played house with the various Christmas pieces, arranging them in multiple ways.  Finally a story developed to fit the arrangement.  At that point there was a direction and focus to what was placed where.

Entire Wall House
Entry to the celebration
Awaiting the guests
Faces all aglow with Christmas magic
Packages wrapped and ready for Christmas morning

It is finally a stage that is presentable.  There is a few things to add at a latter date, such as the mouse family celebrating Christmas in the attic.  Currently they are in only in my imagination.

So I am either late or very early for Christmas depending on your point of view.  I am an optimist so I AM EARLY and my Christmas treasures gathered over time have a home!

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