Memory Lane

One of the side enjoyments of making a project like the Christmas House was the trip down memory lane. So many bits and pieces have been made or purchased over a long period.

The feather tree in the alcove is a prime example.  That was made from a roundtable kit from a NAME convention at least 20 years ago.  It has been in a drawer for a long time and ALMOST thrown out several time from being battered.  Really glad that didn’t happen.  I don’t think the room would be as cozy without it.


The Let it Snow Shelf was an impulse buy from the past that never fit in any scene. I would pull it out and try it places but it just wasn’t right on a wall until now.

The stuffed stockings are by Paulette Svec and Carl Bronsdon. The tiny bear hanging in the stocking astounds me. Both of the stockings are hand crocheted so they hang like children stockings.


The filled punch bowl and cups I painted some years when I was heavy into painting Chrysnbon dishes.  I still think they are the nicest scale dishes for the price.  I painted lots of Christmas sets for sell but never used that set in any setting.  Now there is some stacked on the side board and the hutch upstairs. Sweet!


The tray and basket of treats were from  roundtables of Carl Bronsdon. They had so much detail, had the fimo foods included and were easy to assemble.  Fun times!


I cherish the dolls in the dining room and upstairs.  The fair hair girl with Christmas ornaments in hand was given to me by a friend that has since past away.  The red haired lass I got this fall.  Years apart in coming to my house but look so like sisters to me. Both are made by Carol McBride.

My young man was made by Barbara Cooper of the Wren’s Nest.  She made wonderful painted pull toys and dolls.  She also passed away a few years ago. I miss her laughter and stories when I would visit with her at shows.  Her dolls are so usable with swivel heads and arms and legs that bend that allow them to be adaptable to the getting ons in the room.



Times and events long over but the memories remain to relive when my eyes wander over the scene. It adds another layer of satisfaction to doing miniatures.

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