Pull Cart wanderings

Fall is finally here — the wind is blowing and the leaves are tumbling everywhere.  I am enjoying the change of season, staying inside to play with my minis with a glance outside now and then to enjoy the rich fall colors.

I had to tidy up the workspace to actually do some work and needed a project to get the creative juices flowing again after the pause from all the summer activities.

Pinterest again fueled the fire!

I have been looking at old photos of carts pulled by goats and other trained animals.  I definitely would have loved one as a kid — they have far more charm than the modern dirt bike but I am an animal lover of most furry things.

This picture really caught my eye.  I loved the curve and wicker look — how far could I go without actual building a wicker one ???

Goat Pull Cart from Pinterest

So off I go with a basic line and form to create this. A start  but much more is needed to get the feel of that cart in the photo.

The start of the pull cart

So I wander about in my supplies not knowing what I am looking for — just searching.  Good grief, its the handles of a shopping bag that catch my eyes!  I swear miniature minds work very oddly.  The handles will give me the bulk and rounded edges I wanted.

Shopping bag handles have the right look and texture
Bulky trim for the top edge of the pull cart

Still missing the texture — so I wander about some more digging in the supplies.  I have no desire to paint it to create the wicker look — so what do I need? A textured paper does the trick!  Ya!

Textured paper added to the sides

Needless to say it is a process to create something in your mind to an actual physical form but so very satisfying when it all pulls together.

I further the look with some wheels, a harness, and the sweetest little goat to lead my cart.  I had other animals but this one was my favorite.  It is from the Schleich line of animals found at the local farm supply store but I imagine a toy store would possibly have them.

The perfect goat for my cart

I toyed with many ideas of what to fill the cart with but settled on Halloween items due to the time of year.  I think I might have to fill one with various cheeses later –especially goat cheeses.

First attempt at filling the cart
Finished filled pull cart

Do I need to say I have created quite a mess pulling out various things that didn’t work? This is not a straight line process like the pictures present.

So I guess I need to clean up my workspace AGAIN ….. Oh well ….. as I glance at my new pull cart with a smile of satisfaction.


3 thoughts on “Pull Cart wanderings”

  1. Your creativity and superior craftsmanship is a JOY to behold. Your wicker-look goat cart is simply wonderful and I LOVE the way you have filled it not Once but Twice! 😀


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